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Exclusive society connecting key executive officers
KEO Connect (KC) is an EXCLUSIVE Society for all KEOs in the Singapore Real Estate Industry.
It is a non profit organisation established on 28th November 2014, by KEOs to help small and medium sizes Estate Agents that are restricted in resources to enhance their business operations and increase productivity in the face of ongoing challenges and increasing standard of professionalism expected in the real estate industry.
It is a platform for KEOs facing the aloneness of OMO and small agencies to come together for networking, support and sharing of information and experiences.
Together as a BIG KEOs family we form alliances and teamwork among ourselves to boost our morality and thus increase our productivity.
Togetherness, we build a strong front to tackle the challenges and threats we face in the real estate industry.
“United We Stand Tall, Divided We Fall”
Together, the KEOs will strive to raise the level of professionalism of the real estate services to the consumers.
Every KEO is encouraged to join KEO CONNECT
The Benefits Enjoyed by KC Member
  • Collective Power
  • Economies of scale through group purchase discount
  • Sharing of Resources and Knowledge
  • Listing Exposure through Internal Co-broking.
  • Project Marketing & Strategic Alliance
  • Constructive and Collective feedbacks to relevant Authorities
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KEO Connect
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